Philanthropy and giving

We can help you:

  • Decide how much you can afford, either annually or as a lump sum.
  • Make gifts in your lifetime that are in your will - perhaps now if you would like to. We can help work out if you can afford to do this. Advantages are: charities get the money now; you enjoy seeing your gift used in your lifetime.
  • Decide if it's best to start your own charitable foundation or use the likes of CAF (Charity Aid Foundation).
  • Set out a plan for you and your fellow trustees to follow. A semi-formal approach can be a useful discipline, particularly if you die with cash still in your charity or CAF account.
  • Encourage your children and family to get involved.
  • Use philanthropy to help educate children and grandchildren about the importance of money and finances.

A family charity can be very cohesive and get different generations working together.