What Do We Do?

We provide a plan to help individuals, couples and families achieve the things they want out of life and make sure money acts as an energy force and facilitator.  From funding education to becoming financially independent, building a business and getting involved with philanthropic ventures, money is there to be used and not tucked to one side and treated in isolation.  The plan is centred around a tax planning and investment service tailored to take account of our clients' experience, objectives and circumstances.  For some it is a 'financial GP' and 'hand holding' service, for others it is more analytical and perhaps a second opinion.  For those who already have sound investment managers we can provide standalone planning.


Regular reviews keep everything on the right track and long term planning is key:  we are now working with grandchildren of many of our original clients taken on over 25 years ago! 

We are proactive - for example if a change in law affects your Will we instigate the appropriate changes. 

Some people find money worrying - but with our help they can overcome their fears.

First and foremost we are financial planners and don't take on one-off projects such as school fee planning or pensions, although we do advise on them as part of an overall plan. 

How Do We Do It?

First we establish what you and your family want to achieve with your lives and devise a financial plan around this.

 We take into account:





Working With Other Advisers

We are happy to work with your existing advisers such as solicitor, accountant and investment adviser, or we can provide our own contacts if required.

Family Members

We frequently liaise/work with other family members eg. a widow may want her children to be involved.